Parcel Lockers

Introducing the Interloc Express
Parcel Lockers

The Interloc Express Parcel Lockers is the perfect secure parcel delivery solution offering flexible locker sizes which are highly customisable, improved building security, detailed log and activity data all whilst promoting clean and tidy foyers.

  • High Quality Galvanized Steel
  • Front door/side panel 1.2mm, Level panel 1.0mm, Back panel 0.8mm
  • Industrial Computer, Android system
  • Touch screen 15.6?
  • QR Code Scanner, Power Switch
  • 24 Way Lock Control board, 14pcs locks and cables
  • Other Parts: Speakers, Electronic Cables and other Accessories
  • Router not included

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Parcel Lockers Sizes:


H2020 x W940 x D500mm


XL box: H400 x W450 x D500mm x 2
L box: H300 x W450 x D500mm x 2
M box: H200 x W450 x D500mm x 5
S box: H100 x W450 x D500mm x 5

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