Nuesmart NS1000 Smart Lock

The NS1000 Smart Lock is a keyless, wireless smart locking system for cabinets and lockers. The smart lock was built from the ground up to provide businesses with freedom and flexibility in an easy to install and compact package.

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How It Works
  1. Download the Nuesmart App and then pair your mobile smart device with the NS1000 via Wi-Fi.
  2. Once connected you may control, manage and administer the NS1000 all via the Nuesmart App.
  3. Run event reports and health diagnostics at any time to ensure your locks are running at peak performance.
Core Features
  • Selectable 4-digit or 6-digit PIN
  • Multifunction programming settings
  • Lock Management via Smartphone/ Tablet
  • Auto-open feature (hourly/scheduled)
  • Customisable visual (LED) colours
  • Adjustable audible feedback
  • Low battery indication and tamper alarm
  • Separate RTC (real-time clock) power
  • Test mode and quick diagnostics
  • Built-in audit tracking up to 1000 records
  • Adaptable to different door thickness
  • Minimum 12 months battery life (10 times access/day)
  • Use any power bank or OTG-compatible mobile device as emergency power source
  • Secure and power efficient wireless network connectivity
  • IP54 rated for dusty and wet environments
  • Shared access for up-to 8 different users
Product Specifications
Features Specifications
Visual Indicators In-Use LED LED (multi-colour) Light Bars
Low Battery Pin LED (front)
Case Colour Black/White
Speaker / Audible Sounds Yes
Input Captive Keypad
Dimensions Front Case 89(L) x 56(W) x 19(H)mm
Rear Case 115(L) x 84(W) x 38(H)mm
WiFi 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n, 12.5dBm Tx Power
Housing Material (type) PC (PoLycarbonate)
Power 6V LR6 (1.5V AA Batteries Alkaline x 4)
Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C
Operational Humidity 20% to 80%
Tamper Alarm Yes
Tamper Alarm Yes
Lock Management Android
Battery Life Minimum 12 Months
(10 actuations per day, in-use 8 hours per day)
Back up Battery Port Micro USB
Battery RTC
(Real Time Clock)
Security Battery Cover 3.0V CR1225 Battery
Shared Access Yes Up-to 8 different users


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